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JobWatch The paperless way to plan, manage, schedule and track your mobile workforce

  • JobWatch overview banner

    JobWatch The paperless way to plan, manage, schedule and track your mobile workforce

Visibility & Control starts here

One single platform brings together
your back office, mobile workers & customers in perfect harmony.

Return on investment from the word go!

See instant benefits from day one of using JobWatch

  • Dramatically improve workflow productivity
  • Drive revenues and profitability
  • Maximise asset and resource utilisation
  • Optimise invoicing and drive cashflow
  • Reduce failure
Return on investment from word go
Supercharge workforce productivity

Supercharge workforce productivity

Unite your back-office and mobile teams and unlock business growth

  • Real-time connection between back office and field teams means everyone is working from the same schedule and plan
  • Smarter planning and scheduling turns wasted time into billable time
  • True visibility lets you respond effectively as plans change throughout the day
  • Mobile workers always have everything at their fingertips – job details, manuals, schematics, exploded diagrams

Say goodbye to laborious manual processes

No more duplication of work, wasted effort and paper-based-inefficiency

  • Manage service calls and quote, plan and schedule in seconds without moving from one application to another
  • Powerful built in CRM gives you a rich picture of every customer, contract and all associated jobs and activities. All your customer and job data is instantly accessible in one secure place.
  • Manage pricing for contracts including jobs, labour and parts
Say goodbye to laborious
Create real customer wow!

Create real customer wow!

Deliver on your promises to the ever-increasing expectations of your customers

  • Customers can manage and book their own jobs on their own personal booking site
  • Case management lets you manage customer queries all the way through to resolution
  • ETA reports keep customers updated
  • Less failure – confidently deliver on your promises

Fits your business like a glove

Work is streamlined with completely customisable workflows

  • JobWatch works the way you do – for an easy transition from paper to paperless
  • Workflows are template driven. This means every job follows the right process and workflow.
  • The JobWatch workflow builder makes implementation and setup simple and effortless
  • Professional, fully-branded job cards are instantly outputted, for complete proof of service
  • Stock and parts used are fully managed
Fits your business like a glove - A phone running JobWatch software
Respond as quick as a flash

Respond as quick as a flash

Get the right resource to site and shrink customer waiting times

  • Drag and drop scheduling lets you create and schedule new jobs in just 30 seconds
  • Respond rapidly – identify the right resource, in the right place, with the correct skills
  • Intelligent scheduling assistant pro-actively warns of insufficient drive or site time to complete a scheduled job
  • Instant messaging between the back office and the field

Faster, simpler quotation and invoicing

Make your cashflow sing

  • Complete management of orders from quotation right through to cash
  • Quickly and easy invoicing with line-items automatically populated from the job type and parts used
  • Define and manage job, labour, parts rates and discounts.
Faster, simpler invoicing
JobWatch alerting reports

Make failure a thing of the past

Get that first time fix every time, at competitive cost

  • JobWatch dashboards give you a ‘helicopter view’ of the operation at a glance
  • Proactive alerts ensure you can manage pro-actively to respond to jobs in jeopardy
  • JobWatch’s Intelligent scheduling engine avoids prevents impossible jobs being scheduled e.g. where there is insufficient drive time or work time.

No degree in gobble-de-goop required

Your people will love our simple and straightforward user interface

  • JobWatch features a clear, simple and intuitive user interface
  • If it’s easy to use, it will get used. That’s why simplicity is at the heart of our design philosophy
Phone List
Be everywhere at the same time

Be everywhere, at the same time

With powerful real-time workforce visibility

  • Full vehicle and/or mobile resource tracking with journey history
  • See jobs, vehicles and resources on the map
  • Quickly find the nearest vehicle or resource to a location and respond quicker

Are we making a profit?

Gain powerful visibility and insight into operations to drive the bottom line

  • Instantly see how your business is performing against the most critical KPIs with the BigData report
  • Revenue, margin and profitability reports at your fingertips
  • View productivity by individual resource or vehicle
  • Understand where the profit or loss is coming from within your operation
Job Margin Reports
Make those assets sweat

Make those assets sweat

Maximise asset and workforce utilisation

  • Built in fleet management to get very best out of your vehicles, equipment and ancillaries
  • Be alerted to planned maintenance, MOT and insurance expiry
  • Log and manage defects on vehicles and equipment

Sleep like a baby at night

With Health & Safety and Duty of Care built in

  • Enforced risk assessments, health and safety checks and vehicle checks built into workflows
  • Safety checks are linked to job types – so the correct safety checks are always completed
  • Proactive alerting (e.g. where safe driving / Tacho hours are at risk of being exceeded)
  • Visibility of driver behaviour and speeding
Sleep like a baby at night

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