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JourneyWatch The vehicle tracking solution that delivers more

  • The vehicle tracking solution that delivers more

    JourneyWatch The vehicle tracking solution that delivers more

It simply delivers more

Get miles more value from your vehicle tracking with JourneyWatch

So Much Extra Value

At no extra cost

  • Driver productivity app for Android phones and tablets
  • Powerful fleet, resource and defect management built in
  • Easy to use CRM for all your contacts, sites and locations
  • Health and Safety module
Easy to use CRM interface
Total visibility means more productivity

Total Visibility Means More Productivity

Get more done every single day

  • Live view of vehicle locations. No need for calls to drivers
  • React quickly to urgent, unplanned jobs and find the nearest resource to a location with the correct skills, tools and equipment
  • Daily or weekly reports give you a clear picture of overall performance
  • Complete more jobs daily with a more efficient operation
  • Alerts when vehicles visit key locations or enter zones/territories that you define

Your Drivers Will Love Our Mobile App

Less manual admin. More time with your customers

  • Native Android driver productivity app works on smartphones or tablets
  • Quick and easy management of timesheets with GPS stamp
  • Carry out driver and vehicle checks electronically, with defect logging
  • Log and photograph expenses as they are incurred
  • Driver de-brief with behaviour feedback
  • Two way messaging with the back-office
JobWatch running on multiple devices
Fuel efficiency report

Miles More Fuel Efficiency

Better driver behaviour all round

  • Achieve significant fuel savings across your operation
  • Integration with fuel card transactions for accurate MPG by vehicle
  • Speeding and engine idling alerts allow proactive driver feedback and training
  • Plan optimal routes and ensure that they are being adhered to
  • Minimise total miles travelled through smarter dispatch of resources
  • Built-in fleet management and defect reporting means less vehicle wear and tear

Reduce Labour Costs

Get a true picture of hours actually worked

  • Accurate and automated timesheets with GPS stamp
  • Reduce unauthorised overtime claims; you have an accurate log of actual time on-site
  • Accurate start and finish times
  • Visibility of late starts / early finishes
  • Visibility of extended stops at a location
Timesheet Report
A full journey history is available

Put a Stop to Unauthorised Use

Protect the value of your vehicles

  • Be alerted to unauthorised vehicle use
  • View and replay turn-by-turn history of each journey
  • See where private use is being abused

Keep Your Team Safe & Secure

Health & Safety and Duty of Care

  • Assists with meeting your duty of care obligations
  • Visibility of unsafe driving behaviour (speeding, excessive driving hours)
  • Driver de-brief encourages a positive attitude towards driving and road safety
  • Fleet management ensures robust management of servicing and defect repair
  • Track the movements of lone workers
  • Rapidly recover stolen vehicles
So much extra value
Create real customer wow!

Create Real Customer Wow!

Respond faster and exceed your customer’s expectations

  • Ensure that SLAs are being met
  • Verify arrival / departure times to deal with customer queries; proof of service
  • Share tracking visibility with customers / sub-contractors

Run a Greener & Leaner Operation

Lower fuel bills and less emissions go hand in hand

  • Despatch the ideal resource to jobs or deliveries to avoid fuel waste
  • Get an accurate picture of MPG and detect fuel theft
  • Reduce fuel use; better routes, less idling, less harsh acceleration
  • Driver debrief keeps drivers focused on safety, fuel and the environment
  • Fleet management and service reminders lets you keep vehicles operating at their maximum efficiency
Run a greener and leaner operation

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