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Martin Port, CEO

  • Martin Port CEO BigChangeApps
Concorde IT Group logo

“Martin is a natural entrepreneur. He has been responsible for many innovative successful ideas over the years, He is a very driven, focused individual, He approaches opportunities with energy, commitment and determination. Martin has an eye for making things better and his attention and dedication to customer service is very inspiring. It is always a pleasure to work with him.”

Neil Roberts, Managing Director
Concorde IT Group

Enterprise Rent-a-Car logo

“Martin runs an extremely professional company. His products are very well received in its sector (a sector that, at times, is extremely crowded) but it is through the delivery of the product and back end services provided by his highly trained and motivated team that Martin excels. His “DNA” runs right through his business and as an individual this is what sets him apart.”

John Collins, Sales Director
Enterprise Rent-a-Car

TNT Express logo

“Having worked with Martin during the last 18 months, he has shown an excellent level of professionalism and determination to grow his client base within our organisation. Any organisation would benefit from the professional approach Martin takes to relationship management and he does ensure every individual is well informed.”

Grant Cochrane, Grant Cochrane
Special Services, TNT Express

Freight Transport Association logo

“Martin is one of these leaders you meet once in a lifetime and whom you can learn so much. I always have to thank Martin for his support and belief in me over the years, and in return I am happy to say I try to model my own style on Martin. His knowledge and standing in the industry is second to none and I am happy to state that I am proud to know Martin.”

Nigel Holmes, Business Development Manager
Freight Transport Association

GMAC Insurance

“Martin is an accomplished recognised entrepreneur and innovative technology business leader with an enviable track record. His success is a testament to the breadth of his skills, and reflects the degree to which he genuinely cares about his team and above all his customers.”

Mike Buck, Chief Information Officer
GMAC Insurance UK

Deloitte UK logo

“Martin is an outstanding entrepreneur and businessman. He delivers and does what he says he will do.”

Neil Gaydon, President and CEO
SMART Technologies

GMAC Insurance

“Martin was always extremely professional, helpful and willing to try to do whatever was necessary to get a deal done with a successful outcome for both parties.”

Mike Blackmore, CFO

Daley Associates Ltd logo

“Martin is an inspirational, modern business leader who genuinely puts the customer first. Many people talk about customer service but Martin ensures his team deliver it. His first question is always ‘So how does the customer get their return on investment?”

Marc Daley, Managing Director
Daley Associates Ltd

Dell logo

“Martin is clearly one of the most entrepreneurial people I have had the pleasure of meeting. His instinct for seeing business opportunity wherever he looks is quite remarkable – as is his energy in bringing ideas to market.”

Paul Rushton, Head of Medium Business Marketing

Deloitte UK logo

“Martin is an entrepreneur and visionary that approaches each opportunity with energy, commitment and determination. He never gives up a goal.”

Roger Esler, Corporate Finance Advisory Partner
Deloitte UK

Deloitte UK logo

“Martin has brought to market a number of products and services which have helped develop sales opportunities.”

Andy Graves, Technical Sales Engineer
Dennis Eagle Ltd

Smart Witness logo

“Martin Port is a leading figure in the world of Telematics and Big Change Apps is growing quickly by providing an industry leading product and service, this ethos is similar to our own at SmartWitness and makes us the ideal partner for companies looking for the best in vehicle camera solutions.”

Paul Singh, CEO
Y3K Group

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