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Business Advisory

Unlock new business value – achieve your goals faster

BigChange Business Advisory is an ongoing business improvement programme for BigChange clients designed to continually unlock new levels of business performance after initial go-live. It enables you to keep innovating in the way that you use the technology, maximising return on investment and ensuring true business impact.

Business Advisory gives you flexible access to our expert business advisors who will work to drive you towards your business goals faster.

How does Business Advisory Services work?

Our advisors work with you to understand your most important business goals and how your use of the BigChange system can help support them. This tailored advice and process improvement is delivered in the form of a package of days that provide extended implementation and business support. Days are combined from a menu of services. Your business will benefit from a dedicated single point of contact at BigChange who will expertly project manage each activity.

Who is BusinessAdvisory for?

Our Business Advisory service is aimed at both new and existing customers who want to become leading users of the JobWatch platform. It is invaluable for all businesses, especially those with more complex implementation and integration requirements.


Unlock new levels of business performance.

Maintain a competitive advantage.

Adapt to changing customer requirements and market shifts.

Drive industry best practice and use your BigChange system in the most productive and efficient way possible.

BigChange Advisory experts will review the way you use the system and uncover opportunities to streamline, increase efficiency and drive productivity.

Drive customer experience, revenue growth and service quality.

Track success and ROI.

Business Advisory Services

Implementation days

Additional days following your initial implementation to be used for on-going developments and the adoption of additional system features.

Account review

Monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly strategy sessions including review of KPIs and agreement of priorities

Shop floor days

A member of the BigChange Business Advisory Team spends hands-on time in your business, either in your office or on the road with your Mobile Workforce. They will analyse the way you use the BigChange system and identify opportunities and advise on improvements.

Customer specific documentation

Development of bespoke collateral such as training materials or internal communications briefings that supports your business processes.


Bespoke training including the rollout of new functionality and to new key Staff or teams.

Financial system integration

Enhanced support with integration of financial, accounting and ERP systems.

Integration, automation and bespoke reports

Specification, development, testing, training and support with new integrations, automations and the creation of bespoke reports.

Increased adoption drives ROI…

The revolution your business has been waiting for..

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