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Road Safety Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

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How and when will my driving be tracked?

Tracking will take place whilst ever the tracking device is plugged into the vehicle. Details will be gathered with regards to speeding, fast cornering, harsh acceleration, harsh braking and idling.

How will my data be processed and is it secure?

All data is stored securely and conforms to GDPR standards. On a monthly basis a report will be produced showing each drivers score out of 10 using the data gathered. Only the best driver and most improved driver will be identified.

Who has access to my driving data?

You and the BigChange Fleet and Risk Director. BigChange will only use the data to decide on the awards of best driver and most improved driver.

Will stats about my driving be published anywhere or be shared with any third parties?

No. The data is there to help you improve your own driving and to see how easy it is to do so. The data as a whole will be analysed each month to establish the best driver and most improved driver.

How long will I need to take part for?

There is no minimum period. If you no longer want to take part you can simply unplug the tracking device.

I share my car with other drivers – does that make a difference?

The data will be recorded irrespective of who drives the vehicle therefore, when deciding on best driver and most improved driver, the driving behaviour of any other driver will also be taken into your statistics. Each journey is recorded therefore, you will have access to see how well other people drive your vehicle.

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