Recurring Job Group Templates will save time and effort in job scheduling

BigChange Software Helps Northern Catering Equipment Win New Contracts
February 2021 – BigChange’s new ‘Recurring Job Group Templates’ in JobWatch to simplify workflows and make job creation more efficient than ever.

Winning a long-term contract is a victory for any business, but can often require extensive administrative work to ensure jobs are scheduled and allocated to the appropriate timescales.

BigChange has introduced Recurring Job Group Templates to help solve this problem, enabling users to set up groups of jobs to recur on a work schedule at intervals of their choice, faster and easier than ever before.

Users can set up customised templates for ongoing contracts, allowing them to schedule all required work over the course of that contract easily and in one go. The jobs will then be automatically allocated to the most appropriate team members staff on the required dates in JobWatch.

Users can also import recurring job-group templates, set up customer-specific templates and create templates either against a sales opportunity or contract.

View a step-by-step guide for introducing this functionality in your organisation below: