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  • dp Doors and shutters owners - BigChangeApps customers

Exova logo

“JobWatch helped eliminate our time-consuming paperwork. I’ve been in transport over 20 years and it’s by far the best system I’ve come across. It allows for better accountability and traceability of what we deliver or collect. The system alerts the office of potential problems with a job so they can resolve them straight away. Hence, we are able to offer better customer service. We can monitor vehicles and ensure full utilisation of drivers’ working hours. BigChange’s fantastic customer service team supported us through the adoption stages.”

Peter Powell, Planning & Logistics
Exova Group Ltd
Testing of Food & Waters

dp Doors & Shutters Ltd logo

“Smarter scheduling with JobWatch has eased the challenge of planning work for our 23 engineers to locations nationwide. It’s maximising our billable time, avoiding unnecessary travel and making the back office team far more productive. At times in the past we were overwhelmed with paperwork and all the manual admin that goes with it. The time we’re saving is now being spent on sales, marketing and business development. Our annual fuel bill has also been reduced by £5000; that’s due to better routes, improved driver behaviour and less distance between scheduled jobs.”

Alan Bolsover, Managing Director
dp Doors and Shutters

Alan Morris Transport Logo

“I have worked with Martin for over ten years now from Satellite tracking to online defect reporting and now with BigChange Apps. They are professional and have a can do attitude that sets them apart. Nothing is too much of a problem and they are constantly working hard to give you what you want. We have been using JobWatch now for 6 months and can already see savings on fuel and office hours. I would recommend BigChange’s JobWatch to anyone who is serious about road transport and is looking to streamline their operations.”

Terry Axon, Operations Director
Allan Morris Transport Ltd
Transport & Logistics

Clearabee logo

“I established Clearabee with just three people, one truck and an unproven idea to provide eco-friendly and cost-effective waste clearance services across the Midlands. Just a few months later we had seven trucks, increased our workforce and are on course to deliver more than £1 million in sales over the next year. We credit BigChange’s JobWatch mobile workforce management technology as being vital to Clearabee’s early success. Anyone can manage two trucks on pen and paper, but you can’t run a bigger business that way,”

Daniel Long, Managing Director
Clearabee Ltd
Waste Removal & Recycling

Debmat logo

“We needed a system to ensure employees weren’t abusing company vehicle privileges. We’d never had one before because it had always been price prohibitive, but BigChange was very competitive. Installs were free where as other providers charged a fortune. JourneyWatch is very quick and easy to use. We can instantly locate our vehicles and react immediately to any driver issues with the real time alerts. We’ve improved driver behaviour and saved money by reducing driving hours. Their RoadCrew customer service is excellent.”

Kelly Kenny, Director
Debmat Surfacing Ltd
Paving & Tarmacing Service

Service Solutions Ltd logo

“My MD commented one day that it would be fantastic if there was a system out there which would track, schedule jobs, capture signature and provide satellite tracking all in one. At the time, we felt it was impossible until we discovered BigChange’s JobWatch. Going with BigChange has improved our professionalism and efficiency as we always know where our engineers are so we can inform our customers. It has eliminated calling to and from the office and has saved on fuel cost. The RoadCrew customer service has been outstanding. I would recommend BigChange to anyone.”

Danny Bee, Sales Manager
Service Solutions Ltd
Pool and Spa Design & Build Services

Connection Logistics logo

“Previously, we used another system but the company directors wanted greater efficiency. BigChange’s JobWatch was the solution. We are now able to provide much better service to our customers using accurate and concise routing schedules. I really like the journey view, which enables us to monitor driver behaviour. As for customer service, their RoadCrew team scores 10/10, they immediately reply to my emails and are always at the end of the phone.”

Alistair Pugh, Director
London Venue Transfer Ltd
Transport & Logistics

ABI Garage Door Specialists logo

“We had been looking around at tracking for a long time. We came across BigChange and their system was so easy to use, even my mum could use it. With its competitive price, it was a no-brainer for us. Since getting JourneyWatch we have made significant savings, we are much more efficient and reactive. RoadCrew Customer service is outstanding, they react immediately to any queries.”

Luke Pierce, Marketing Director
ABI Garage Doors Ltd
Garage Door Installation & Maintenance

Cool Repair logo

“We were with our previous supplier for 5 years but when our contract came to an end we decided to review the market. We were nervous to change provider until the experienced salesperson from BigChange gave us a comprehensive demo of the JourneyWatch system. The Biggest benefits have been the automatic email reporting – we no longer need to painstakingly search through the system. JourneyWatch has saved us time, money and improved driver behaviour. Their RoadCrew Customer service is excellent.”

Jane Bexton, Office Manager
Cool Repair Scientific UK Ltd
Refrigeration Supply & Maintenance

Martin Carwardine & Co logo

“The JourneyWatch system has exceeded my expectations and now has become part of the day to day running of the business. With Superb after sales, the staff at BigChange have been friendly, approachable and are always on hand to help – Great interactive relations which are unusual for an IT company.”

Martin Carwardine, Director
Martin Carwardine & Co
Coffee Machine Supply & Maintenance

Nationwide Catering Services Ltd logo

“As a national catering equipment service provider with vehicles spread across the country, we need to know the locations of our resources at all times. Our previous system was okay, but we felt the customer service was poor. We changed over to BigChange’s JourneyWatch because the product is good, competitively priced and the customer service is excellent. Since having the system we have seen a significant reduction in overheads – saving time and money.”

Simon Atkinson, Managing Director
Nationwide Catering Services Ltd
Catering Equipment Supply & Service

Pace Print & Design Ltd logo

“We needed better visibility to specify the best routes for our drivers. After weighing up several options, BigChange was the clear choice. Since adopting JourneyWatch , our efficiency has improved meaning we can make more deliveries in a day. I have never really had to contact customer service as it does what it says on the tin – JourneyWatch is very easy to use. Also, we like having the option to upgrade to JobWatch at any time because we are currently inundated with paperwork. The idea of having a paperless solution really appeals to us.”

Martin Johnson, Director
Pace Print & Design Ltd
Printing & Design

Carl Moore Window Cleaning Service logo

“I was recommended to BigChange Apps from a third party because I had never had a tracking system before. I am extremely happy with their JourneyWatch vehicle tracking system. It is somewhat self-policing because I have noticed significantly improved driver behaviour just by them knowing that their vehicles are tracked. As for customer service, the engineer that fitted the system was fantastic and gave us a clear idea of how simple the system was to use.”

Carl Moore, Director
Carl Moore Window Cleaning
Window Cleaning Service

CMT Wood Flooring logo

“We needed to have better visibility of our workforce and manage job durations more effectively. Our previous solution no longer met our needs. BigChange’s software was suggested several times and when we viewed the JourneyWatch system, we loved it. We now have complete visibility, enhanced productivity, better customer service and improved driver behaviour. It’s also helped resolve disputes regarding times and locations. Their RoadCrew customer service is outstanding, whenever I have asked for anything it has been done immediately.”

Marty Collins, Office Manager
C.M.T. Flooring Ltd
Supply & Fitting of Wood Flooring

Riva Paoletti Ltd logo

“I needed more visibility of our mobile workforce because I knew that ,in business, knowledge is power. Since having the JourneyWatch system, I can now see where my vehicles are at all times. We can provide better customer service, monitor driver behaviour and manage our duty of care. The RoadCrew customer service at BigChange is outstanding.”

Guy Beswick, Company Secretary
Riva Paoletti Ltd
Retail & Wholesale of Soft Furnishing

Kingston Cleaning Services logo

“We previously had a tracking system, but we needed something that was going to eliminate paper work as well. BigChange’s JobWatch was the perfect solution. We don’t need delivery notes any more, which saves us time and money. Now, customers can sign off jobs on the BigChange computer and we can invoice straight away because the information is automatically sent to the office. The improved visibility helps us avoid any disputes. Their customer service is excellent too.”

Helen Carrison, Company Secretary
Kingston Cleaning Services Ltd
Window Cleaning Service

Bauer Group logo

“We chose BigChange’s JobWatch because, unlike other solutions, it could incorporate job scheduling, work flow and signature capture along with vehicle tracking. JobWatch saves us time as we can now invoice our customers immediately. The system paid for itself within the first 2 weeks as we had a vehicle stolen and were able to go straight on the web and locate it. We got it back immediately!”

Elaine Done, After Sales
Bauer Kompressoren Ltd
Manufacturer of Compressors

MCL Energy logo

“JourneyWatch is very user friendly and has many more features and benefits than the basic telematics systems we previously had. It gives the Company much greater control of our mobile service operatives. We can quickly find the right person for a job, monitor driver behaviour as part of our duty of care, validate overtime claim and let our customers know arrival times for emergency call out response. Overall, we have improved levels of managing fleet movement and control. We think JourneyWatch is worth its weight in gold – The savings we’ve made in mpg reductions alone have paid for the system.”

Jason Perry, General Manager
MCL Energy
Energy Solutions Specialist

MRAC logo

“After using our previous vehicle tracking provider for a while, we noticed a significant reduction in their quality of customer service. Once the contract was up we decided to look at alternatives. We were looking for the best quality customer service available on the market and BigChange was the right choice. We liked their JourneyWatch system because, besides the fact that it was better priced, it was user friendly and we trusted the management to deliver what they promised.”

Steven Lee, Director
Cooling & Refrigeration Specialist

Rainham Steel logo

“We saw the adoption of BigChange’s innovative telematics solutions as a way to future-proof our business. We had confidence in their team to deliver on their promises. To start off, we installed their JourneyWatch vehicle-tracking system and were able to save money straight away – their pricing was much more competitive than our previous provider. The customer service is excellent and, in future, we are looking forward to getting their JobWatch job management solution installed.”

Francis Micallef, General Manager
Rainham Steel Company
Steel Suppliers

PXA Express Delivery logo

“Once I had seen a demonstration of JourneyWatch from BigChange’s sales rep, I knew it was our best option for achieving better driver performance. Since taking it on, we have saved money in many areas particularly in highlighting unnecessary engine idling. We now plan all our routes much more efficiently and if I have any questions, I only have to pick up the phone and their RoadCrew customer service team will be right there to help.”

Peter May, Director
PXA Express Ltd
Express Delivery Service

Rydenor logo

“We needed to improve efficiency and visibility of our vehicles. I looked at half a dozen companies and preferred BigChange’s JourneyWatch vehicle-tracking solution. It was the easiest to use and was being offered at a great price. Since adopting the system we have seen great improvements in the efficiency of our drivers. We have saved on fuel and improved our customer service.”

Jamie Etherington, Manager
Rydenor Paint And Wood Finishes
Paint & Wood Finishing

Martyn Edwards and Frank Ford

“Our engineers can be out of the office for up to 10 days at a time meaning we didn’t receive the signed paperwork until they returned. This made invoicing very slow and could affect the cash flow. We’d been with our previous supplier for 10 Years and realised it was time to look at the market. Bigchange’s JobWatch was the solution. JobWatch allows us to have tracking and job scheduling in one system. Our engineers now capture signatures on the JobWatch computer. This is downloaded immediately and sent back to the office. The customer service is excellent.”

Marvin Cairnes, Engineer Manager
Martyn Edwards & Frank Ford Ltd
Catering Equipment

Hopkins logo

“Our UK service team includes refrigeration, plumbing, gas and electrical engineers, who install and service equipment across Britain. I decided to move our entire mobile workforce onto BigChange’s JobWatch system because environmental and efficiency savings are close to our hearts. Operating a super-efficient, paperless mobile workforce management system enables us to calculate the best routes and timings minimise the administrative burden and fit in more jobs each week. Our record keeping is more reliable and available in real time.”

Chris Hopkins, Managing Director
Hopkins Catering Equipment Ltd
Catering Equipment Supply & Service

Woods Building Maintenance logo

“I needed a system to help manage our costs. We weren’t planning routes correctly and we were losing data. I came across BigChange on the internet. I saw a few companies but chose BigChange because they had a real desire to offer a service, most companies had a couldn’t care less attitude but I could tell the company was hungry and I trusted my instincts. We have seen dramatic improvements such as instant feedback from our engineers. We are totally paperless now making us much more eco-friendly. We have saved a fortune on time and admin hours. RoadCrew are amazing.”

Jordan Woods, Managing Director
Woods Building Maintenance Ltd
Building Construction

Welwyn Garden Alarms Ltd logo

“We knew if we had a system fitted then it would help with the day to day running of our business. We searched for a solution and came across BigChange. BigChange were the first company we contacted and a meeting was arranged straight away. We received an excellent demonstration at the meeting. It did everything that we required and was easy to use. The company’s literature was very professional. We have made a lot of savings as engineers can be allocated to jobs within the area they are in. It saves time on communication .The customer service is excellent as well.”

Caroline Smith, Alarm Administrator
Welwyn Garden Alarms Ltd

Silent Night logo

“We’ve had a tracking system for a number of years but found that some other companies were inflexible when it came to the length of leases etc. We are going through a fleet replacement programme and I didn’t want to sign up to a lengthy contract. BigChange offered us the flexibility we needed and we really liked the JourneyWatch system. We have seen big improvements on reporting, MPG and driver behaviour. The customer service is excellent”

Neil Birch, Group Logistics Director
Bed Manufacturers

AJAW Cleaning Services Ltd logo

“When we came across BigChange we loved the idea that our customers could sign for completed work directly on a mobile computer, eliminating the need for paper work. The tracking is excellent and has improved visibility, customer service and management control over staff – generally enabling us to run a much more professional operation.”

Joel Williams, Director
AJAW Cleaning Services Ltd
Window Cleaning Services

American Dry Cleaning logo

“When we heard Martin Port was creating something new, we wanted to be part of it. We have several vans working from 30 depots across London so I need to be able to locate the nearest vehicle when a customer calls in. If I need to tell the driver something, I can message him directly. I receive alerts if the vehicles move after 8pm and before 6am. This gives us peace of mind. I think the customer service is excellent and we are much more productive since implementing BigChange’s JourneyWatch.”

Jalpa Upadhyay, Office Administrator
American Dry Cleaning
Laundry and dry cleaning service

Logon Iglis logo

“Previously, we used spreadsheets to schedule jobs and waited for paper work to invoice customers. We clearly needed a better system. My MD discovered BigChange’s JobWatch at the Birmingham trade show – exactly what we needed. Now, all jobs are sent directly to our drivers. Instead of having to drive around to get a better signal to email back to the office, the drivers capture a signature and press send. In areas with poor signal, information is stored on the device and automatically sent to the office when signal improves. We are now more efficient than ever before.”

Willie Buchan, Financial Director
Logon Iglis
Service & Crane Maintenance

DS AutoMobile logo

“JobWatch allowed us to go paperless, after many years of using inefficient methods and making lots of unnecessary phone calls. We identified the need for a service management system that included tracking and a mobile application for our engineers. After careful consideration, we chose BigChange. We now schedule our work more efficiently increasing the number of completed jobs and providing instant feedback to our customers. RoadCrew Customer Service is outstanding; we have worked with the team to further refine the system to achieve our goals. Overall, we are thrilled with JobWatch and our business performance has improved.”

Macaulay Clark, Operations Manager
DS AutoMobile
Vehicle Servicing

North Yorkshire Timber Co Ltd logo

“NYTimber is one of the largest independent timber merchants in the North East, offering products for everyone, from construction companies down to the general public. To support their large customer base, the senior management needed to find a system that could match the scale of their operation and leave room for continuous growth. “We found BigChange and were blown away by what JobWatch could do” explained Gordon Bache, distribution & warehouse manager at NYTimber.”

G. Bache, Distrib. & Warehouse Manager
North Yorkshire Timber Co Ltd
Timber Importer & Merchant

CS Ellis (Group) Ltd logo

“We’d had a basic tracking system for about 6 years but we’d outgrown it. The driving force for purchasing a new solution was to reduce costs further and monitor driver behaviour in the transport department with a flexible system that could meet the needs of a large fleet. After seeing the JobWatch system we felt it met our requirements and we really felt that we could work with them. We were attracted to the BigChange computer because it was a lot more durable than we had seen elsewhere and the support was very good.”

J. Munton, IT & Health & Safety Manager
CS Ellis (Group) Ltd
Transport & Logistics Services

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